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Everyone listed below come highly recommended by Pet Club Online and Team Asgard (Freyja and Gyda)!




 bioDOGradableare proud to offer the new generation bioplastic product in an effort to eliminate the use of trillions of plastic bags each year. Made with natural and renewable resources, bioDOGradable bioplastic bags promote minimized environmental pollution and improved sustainability.

Their mission is to support pet waste disposal efforts in the most eco-friendly approach that results in a positive momentum towards healing our planet. They strive to make a difference in the life you live, with the pets you love.




Prince's Pawtique
by JC Custom Embroidery

Prince’s Pawtique has a unique supply of customized dog blankets, towels, jewelry, and clothing. All the items are pretty special, and definitely are worth the effort to take a look. Prince’s Pawtique is named for the owner’s 7 year old whippet Prince, and now between Prince and his owner, they are bringing very special embroidered items to every dog owner.


Doggie Tech Annex!
 We are a natural choice for the Holistic ~ to treat the body from within ~
 pet products your family desires. We are dedicated to the health and vitality you provide to your pets through excellent nutrition:
 ~ A holistic pet food is one that supports your pets' health on all levels by using high quality ingredients and proper formulation to ensure that optimal amounts
 of nutrition are being achieved.
~ We have learned that Holistic health is an ongoing process. It is based on the law of nature that a whole
 is made up of independent parts.
Dogs Abound is the premiere canine care facility in North County San Diego.

Our mission at Dogs Abound is to create an environment that benefits not just the dogs from the moment they join us at our facility, but to ultimately benefit their people as well. By providing dogs with exercise, structure, socialization and enrichment, they each become better “canine citizens” and show not only their own families but the community at large what well-behaved dogs are capable of! We are here to help our clients–both human and canine–lead better lives through our services and knowledge.


3 Dog Design

All of their products are hand made in Whittier Ca. They buy only high quality leather and build designs to your request. They create custom dog collars, bracelets, belts & key chains. They also have 10oz. braided latigo leather leashes.They offer either black or brown leather, mahogany and black for the leashes. They sell a variety ofdecorated Leather cuff bracelets, dog collars, key chains, belts & hand tooled leather topped wooden gift boxes. All of their items are one of a kind and of the highest quality!


High quality hand woven paracord and fleece gear based out of Corona, CA! Martingale, Snap, and Slip leads available! Check out the Etsy site for current inventory. She is always making new items, so always go back and check it out for updates!
Rapid Rainbow Designs 

Celebrate you and your canine companion's achievements with one of these pins.

Rapid Rainbow Designs pins, doggie charm bracelets, and key chains include awards for all major canine sports, and they will custom make pins for any event not included. They have a fantastic selection for all occasions. If you are holding a event and need prizes, this is the place to shop!


Arctis, LLC is owned and operated by Henning Bartel, a native of northern Germany, who chose southern California to be his new home in 1992.

Henning learned the tricks of the engineering & metal fabrication trade on shipyards of the port city of Bremen. Having had Siberian Huskies since 1997 and being involved in "urban mushing" activities since 2006, he was urged by some of his fellow local mushers to think about designing and manufacturing a training cart:



K9 TrailWorks is an interactive game where you and you dog gain points for completing objectives set forth by other members of the community.

 The more objectives completed, and the more photos uploaded, the more points you obtain.

These objectives could be as simple as having your dog sit and stay in a specific spot, to having your dog perch on a pedestal, to just
having your dog drink some water, once you complete the objective you get to take a picture and post it!




Since J & J Squeak Boutique has been started, there have been many reactions to the whole idea of pampering rats and other small animals. The way J & J Squeak Boutique sees it, any creature that devotes it's trust and love in a human so willingly and does not judge or have the capacity to hate deserves nothing less than the same itself. Also unlike most animal companions the life span of a pocket pet, especially a rat, is very brief and susceptible to many diseases. This is all the more reason to spoil them rotten for the short time we are graced with their presence. If there is one message J & J Squeak Boutique would like for people to take away, it would be that to the world you may just be one person, but to a rat, you are the world. If you are they lucky pet owner of a rat or pocket pet, J & J Squeak Boutique encourages you to take on that role for your pet and love and care for them as they do for you.





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